PATH (Priority Assistance to Transition Home (PATH) Program

What is PATH?

The Priority Assistance to Transition Home (PATH) program helps patients make the transition from hospital to home safely, smoothly and comfortably. The Canadian Red Cross in partnership with Timiskaming Home Support (THS) will have a Personal Support Worker travel with the client and assist them with settling back into their home. They can also help pick up prescriptions and groceries.

Who would benefit from this program…..patients who:

    • Are at least age 55
    • Are able to direct their own care
    • Are medically stable
    • Are able to be left unattended
    • Live in the Timiskaming and District area
    • Require the transportation and/or settling-in component of the program
    • Are ambulatory and do not need the assistance of more than one person to manage stairs
    • Are not a threat to self or others
    • Do not live in a long-term care home or Assisted Living where 24/7 care is provided
    • Are either admitted on inpatient units or have presented at the Emergency Department

What is the PATH referral process?

When the patient’s discharge date has been determined, the hospital staff member who identified the patient completes the referral form and faxes it to THS.

How can the Personal Support Worker assist?

  • Accompany client while being transported from hospital to home (door to door service)
  • Pick up necessary groceries, prescriptions, equipment and/or medical supplies
  • Conduct an in-home visual safety scan
  • Book and/or assist with follow-up appointments based on the discharge plan
  • Assist client with settling in ie: light meal preparation, provide Meals On Wheels (MOW), light housekeeping, laundry, etc.

For further information, please call THS and ask to speak with the Client Services Manager by calling 705-672-2254