Post Stroke Transitional Care

Our Stroke Community Navigator will facilitate connections to all kinds of stroke based services in the community and even accompany stroke clients to appointments and recreational centers.  We provide help in finding transportation solutions, in-home nursing, personal care and housekeeping, physical activities programs, or other services offered by various agencies in the area.  If a client requires home modifications or permanent housing, we can assist them in finding agencies to assist with the renovations, as well as helping them in the process of finding an appropriate residence or applying for Supportive Housing or Outreach Services.

Your road of recovery begins here:
1. Call, email, mail or fax us to let us know you are interested in learning more about our programs and services.
2. Our Navigator will call to arrange a meeting with you and your family to discuss services and completer the application forms
3. After being accepted as a client, a plan will be made with you to address your plans and goals for recovery
4. You will be referred to any services within our agency or other community agency in order to ensure you get the right help at the right time and in the right place.