Out of Town Transportation


Offered to mobile seniors, providing transportation to out-of-town medical appointments.
This service is provided by screened volunteers, driving a company-supplied vehicle.

Individuals must fall under one of the following categories and have a medical appointment:

  • 60 years or older and mobile OR
  • Visually impaired/hearing impaired and mobile

Our transportation minivan

Vehicle Operation:

Monday to Friday
As needed; service is offered as required.

Area of Service:

Within the area of Timmins, Sudbury and North Bay.


Clients are encouraged to bring an escort with them to provide care if needed.  No extra charge will apply.


Contact the Transportation Coordinator to discuss rates of services.

Booking Rides:

Please call the office at 705-672-2254 or 1-800-361-5820.


Must cancel 24 hours (on the business day) prior to the booked ride by calling the above number. Cancellations received later than this will be billed a $30 fee. After hours please call 705-648-1641 or 705-642-5208