Diner’s Club

Hot meals and social activities provided at a central location.

Cobalt: 1st Wednesday of every month – Golden Age Club
Haileybury: 2nd Thursday of every month – St-Paul Anglican church
New Liskeard: Last Tuesday of every Month – Dymond hall
Kirkland Lake: Last Tuesday of every month – Crabby Pattys Family Diner

Fees:  A small fee for the dinners is required. Please call the office to register at 1-800-361-5820 for the Cobalt, Haileybury, and New Liskeard Dinners. For Kirkland Lake area tickets are to be purchased from the reception at the Kirkland Lake Office prior to the dinner.

We welcome all seniors to come out and join us for a tasty meal and some camaraderie. Bring a friend or a neighbour and enjoy the evening.

Diner’s Club Pamphlet 2018